As a passionate hiker and photographer I feel blessed to get to photograph some of the beautiful scenery I reach by foot. It also deeply saddens me to see how fast some of these ecosystems are starting to disappear. Although not all the blame is to be laid on us humans. We most certainly have played a crucial part in the dismal happenings to our environment. Wether it be how quickly our oceans are being depleated of fish, or how fast our glaciers are receading. The effects are very blatant. 


        Through my photography I capture, show and share how beautiful our planet's ecosystems are. Although it may seem that the ecosystems I photograph are perpetual in their current state, sadly they are deminishing ever so quickly. With that being said it isn't too late to change the way things are headed. With my photography I have a simple mission. To share how beautiful nature is. I hope to share the beauty I find in these deminishing ecosystems to help bring awarness of how important it is we take care of them. Let's all do our part to help keep these ecosystems beautiful. 


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