Story of the Ferret

January 11, 2016

   As I have travelled around New Zealand ive seen the drastic effects people have on the environment. Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's people introduced ferrets to the country to control the rapid growth of the rabbit population. This introduction of ferrets was to protect the beautiful birds this land has to offer. It didnt take long for the ferrets to get tired of killing rabbits and turn their hungry eyes to the birds. As bird populations continue to decrease people point there fingers to these fuzzy little ferrets but, are the ferrets really to blame?

        I was recently camping on Lake Pukaki when a travel mate and I came across one of these ferrets. the ferret had just killed and eaten a bird. As we have been told by the locals time and time again my friend stated we should kill the ferret. We both stood there looking at this animal whom was staring back at us. We mutually knew this ferret had not been introduced to this contry by choice. There was simply no way either of us could kill this animal. For in our eyes it had done nothing wrong. This encounter with the ferret really struck home with me. When has it become morally suitable for us to take the life of another living creature? 

       The incident with the ferret left me asking myself questions of my own morality. I could not kill this ferret. In my eyes it was an innocent animal. So how in my own mind has it become so easy to eat innocent animals on my dinner plate? If it felt morally wrong for me to look the ferret in the eyes and take its life away. How was it ok for me to eat a cow, chicken or fish just because I wasnt the one who killed it? The answer was simple. For me it was not ok. Now I want you to ask yourself. Could you of killed the ferret? Could you of looked into to its innocent stare and taken its life away? 




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